running across 2 macs

I want to use Scrivener across two Macs, and synch them. Where does it store the files I should synch?

You need to keep the .scriv files in sync. You choose where to save the .scriv files - they are actually Unix packages (i.e. folders), but to the OS, they act like regular document files.

If you want to synchronise your preferences, you can find the file com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist in ~/Library/Preferences. The nice thing is that if you have the same user name on both computers, and store your .scriv files in the same structural location on both computers, everything will be perfectly synchronised. Another thing, if you want to share templates between systems, you’ll find those in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener.

But for day to day work, like Keith said, Scrivener uses projects which are just like files stored wherever you want to store them. It does not use a central location like MacJournal, DEVONthink, and such.

Thanks - that’s all very useful.


I would just try it out on a couple of test projects and see what happens. :slight_smile: Technically, it should be fine - so long as both packages end up identical, that is all that matters.


The only thing I warn against is directly editing files within a package. This is slightly different to synchronising, though, as when you synchronise, the changes you are making have already been verified in Scrivener, if you see what I mean. So long as you end up with a package that could just as well have been created in Scrivener, then it should be fine.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been syncing .scriv files on a daily basis for a week or so now (not using ChronSync but a similar utility) and it works really well - no problems at all.

I am trying to use .Mac to sync between two Macs and it surely isn’t working. I’m getting messages that one computer can’t open what was planted in .Mac by the other. Any suggetions?

I tried using .Mac and it was so slow it made me want to cry, but it did work. Are you using iDisk with automatic local syncing?

Only on one of the computers. Should I do it on both?


Well, my experience was that trying to work directly off the iDisk from Scrivener made the program hang for ten seconds at a time (at least) every time it tried to autosave. Not Scrivener’s fault, but not tolerable, either.

It’s not hanging; it is not downloading sections in either Research or Draft folders. I get either a blank or an error message.