Running notes idea

For those of us writing non-fiction books that are heavily researched, it would be wonderful to have a mechanism for “running notes.”

(Running notes are endnotes that do not use superscript numbers, but rather snippets of the text. An example, beginning on pg 657:…%20610&sr=8-1)

I’ve thought of a good way to add this feature, which I think would be a significant addition to Scrivener. This would enable authors to export a “Notes” section in the style of John Adams by David McCullough automatically.

Basically, “running notes” would generate a two column document – the first column would be the gray text that the note is attached to (since footnotes can currently be linked to multiple words). The second column would just be the note itself. That’s really it.

There should also be a way to “hide” the notes for clarity of use, because using this citation style, every sentence may include a note.