Running on Mavericks OS X 10.9

Testing on the (final?) developer build of Mavericks. So far I’ve made edits on a large (1M+ characters) document set without issue … except when compiling to PDF.

Opening, closing, editing, inspecting all seems to work fine, just as in 10.8.5.

When compiling, the app seems to compile slower (about 2x-3x longer on my MBP 15" 2.3 GHz Quad Core I7, 16GB RAM, hybrid drive) and the 32-bit app is completely unresponsive to the system (in Activity Monitor) until compile is complete.

Any other Mavericks info/issues/stories?

Have you been testing with the public beta? It includes ongoing refinements toward 10.9 compatibility. The current stable version has been out since Spring, before the DP was available.

It also depends on whether you are using “Proofing” or “Publishing” for the PDF output. If the former, which pipes through Java, I would expect it to take a long time for a manuscript that large, and consume resources.

I got some time to test today. The performance is nearly identical between the beta and production versions. The only difference is the compiled output. In the new version the End Notes section is a page longer (more spacing between paragraphs??). I timed compiles for each and it is the same … about 6 minutes. BTW I have been trying to enforce a standard paragraph and character format to End notes and nothing seems to work.

As for Proofing or Publishing, we use Publishing. Key is the support for links in PDF which allows us to publish as a single, easy to navigate file and tight control over pagination. I did test a compile with Proofing, and it actually took more time and used similar energy, … actually just noticed that the compile with Proofing is still going.

Based on your info about use of Java, I upgraded Java to Sun’s latest … but no difference. Also nearly all pages are “As Is” and we use a custom font “Calluna”

“Publishing” doesn’t use Java. You mentioned that your manuscript is one million words long - I would expect Compile to take some time for that. On top of the compilation process, there will also be OS X’s print layout process which lays out all of the pages and converts the to PDF, and then Scrivener has to post-process the PDF to add links and such. Six minutes is certainly a long time, but there isn’t really any room for bringing this time down that I can think of that would produce the same results.

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