Running the Beta in tandem with current Windows version

So, I downloaded the Beta to have a look at.

I expected the Beta to install separately to the current version of Scrivener, so that I could use both in tandem; continue to use the current Windows version for work, and create a test project in the Beta just to try out. Instead, the Beta seemed to totally replace the existing Windows version. All my existing Scrivener icons now tried to open the Beta instead. I, therefore, had to very quickly re-download the original and abandon the Beta, as I definitely don’t want to replace the current version of Scrivener that I am using.

Is it possible to install the Beta as a separate program so that all my existing icons still open the old Widows version, and I can continue to use the old version for all my current projects?

check here: hope it will help you out :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks.