Running the latest Windows beta under Crossover on MacOS

Any of you, who, like me, also run the Windows Scrivener betas using Crossover, there is a problem with the beta failing to load. @Lambekin on the Linux forum found the problem.

The path to do this on the Mac is:

~/User/Library/Crossover/Bottles/Scrivener-bottle/dosdevices/c/Program Files/Scrivener/texttospeech

The “User” is of course your user account; access “Library” by holding down the “Opt” key while mousing the “Go” menu; the “Scrivener-bottle” will be whatever you named it when you set it up. If by any chance you are using the 32-bit version of the Beta, I think it will be in the “Program Files (x86)”.folder.

Of course, you wont be able to use Text-to-Speech until this problem is resolved. We have both of us alerted CodeWeavers, the creators of Crossover, but in a reply to me they said they wouldn’t try to resolve it until Windows 3 is out of Beta. That is fair enough, though their reply to me was before @Lambekin identified the problem.

Hope that helps.



P.S. I know you shouldn’t post twice, but I’m posting this in the “Mac Feedback” forum as well as the “Linux” forum so Mac-users who don’t look there may see it. :slight_smile:


Sorry to be pedantic, but in case people aren’t used to file paths.

There’s a typo in your file path - you must take out the User section completely, to leave ~/Library/…

(~ is a shortcut for your home directory, so it works for everybody without having to put in a specific username each time.)


/Users/mark/Library and ~/Library are exactly the same location for the user mark.


You are of course right! I grovel! It shows how rarely I need to reference file paths!



EDIT: But actually it’s worse than that, it should read:

~/Library/Application Support/Crossover … :blush: :blush:

No problem! – They can be tricky if you’re not used to the command line, so I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone wanted to copy the path.

Thanks for the headsup on the solution.