Runtime Error when starting Scrivener


I downloaded the final version of Scrivener for Windows a few days ago. Today, I found the time to install and use Scrivener. The installation ran fine, and I also could start Scrivener one time. I tried to run the Interactive Tutorial because I’m new with Scrivener. To safe the files for the tutorial, I chose a folder on my Desktop. Then, the applicantion crashed, and I got an error message (Screenshot attached).

Since then, I’m unable to start Scrivener anymore. Everytime I try to start Scrivener, it immediately crashes with the same error message.

Can you help?

I’m very sorry for the crash! I haven’t seen this one before–all you did was start to create a new tutorial via the New Project panel (or from Help > Interactive Tutorial)? Are you running Vista?

The surest way around this, unfortunately, is to just uninstall and reinstall Scrivener. Navigate in Explorer to wherever you installed the program and from the Scrivener directory run “uninstall.exe”. (Alternatively, you can open the Control Panel and use Windows’ Programs & Features pane to do this.) Ensure that the entire Scrivener directory is deleted from Windows Explorer–you can do it manually if the uninstaller doesn’t take care of it–and then run the installer again.

Thats a real weird problem.

First, I followed your advice and uninstalled Scrivener completely. For the reinstallation, I used a “fresh” copy of Scrivener, just to make shure the dowloaded file was not corrupted. I also deleted the folder in which Scrivener stored the files for the Tutorial on my desktop. Then, I started Scrivener, and it started without crash.

Then, I tried to recreate the Tutorial Project again. I clicked on the “Open” button, moved to a new folder to safe the files, clicked on “Save”… And crash. Same problem like before.

To create the tutorial project, I used the screen like shown as attachment. I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit with all updates installed, including SP1.

UPDATE: I tried to “investigate” the problem a bit. After deleting the folder with the project files for the Tutorial, Scrivener started normally. Then, I tried to create a new Novel project, and the same error occurs again, so I don’t think it has something to do with the Tutorial project itself.

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That is very strange. Where are you saving your projects? The default would be your Documents folder, but have you selected a different location?

Also, the attachment doesn’t appear to have come through; you could try right-clicking the file and choosing “Send to \ compressed (zipped) folder” and then attaching that, as some file types get rejected by the forum boards.

I am saving the projekt in the folder C:\Users\HerrMaulwurf\Desktop\Scrivener Tutorial\Scrivener Tutorial.scriv.

I forgot uploading the screenshot :slight_smile:

Any news, hints or tips? :slight_smile:

At the moment, I can’t create a new project at any folder, so in fact Scrivener is not usable for me at the moment…

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The same happened to me!!! And unfortunately I already bought this program & you can’t fix it by rebooting, neither uninstalling. I even cleaned my registry, reinstalled the program and when I wanted to open my existing project, the same error occurred again.

I’m having fun with this problem for almost 4 hours now. You don’t want that to happen to you when you have really written a lot.

I won’t thrust Scrivener anymore and I really would love to get my money back.

I’m “happy” that I’m not the only one with this problem, so I guess it doesn’t have anything to do with my computer. Just for interest, which Windows version are you running? Fortunately, I haven’t already bought Scrivener…

Sometimes, I guess that the developers of Scrivener should have delayed the release another one or two weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Windows 7. :confused:

Well I was working on a project. I just closed it and when I wanted to run it again I had this cited error.

That’s really the worst case! Scrivener should fix it immediately.

I guess this happened: When I closed Scrivener it might have been saving the project and therewith damaged the project.scriv.

Apologies to both of you for losing track of this thread for a few days–we’ve been a bit snowed under since the Windows release, so response time has fallen behind. Lee’s working on this issue, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to reproduce it internally and these are the only two reports on it that we’ve received, so we don’t have a lot of data to work with in tracking down the error. All the details that you can provide would help us sort out what’s going on and get it fixed as quickly as possible. Specifically, do you have any third-party programs or services running (antivirus, etc.) when you’re working with Scrivener and getting these crashes? Could you try booting up in Safe Mode (hold F8 while booting), starting Scrivener and creating a project? Or create a new user account on your system and log into that to try the same.

If I understand correctly, you’re able to start the program successfully, but attempting to create a project or to open a project immediately crashes Scrivener with the Windows runtime error notice. Scrivener attempts to auto-load the most recent project on startup, so it sounds like the project you’re trying to create does get remembered and then when you relaunch Scrivener it attempts to load this project and fails with that error. If you rename or move the project from wherever you created it, Scrivener can’t autoload the project, and then the program does start successfully and bring you to the New Project window? (At which point attempting to create a new project or open any existing project crashes again?)

Since it seems like the project is getting created in some fashion, could you go through those steps of attempting to create a new project and getting the crash, then right-click the project’s .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” and attach that zipped file to a post here or send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I can take a look at it? If the project isn’t fully created due to the crash, that might help indicate where the error is initiating.

Thank you both for your patience as we work through this–I understand it’s more than frustrating and we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Due to my job, I’m forced to stay offline the complete next week, so I can give you the information next weekend only. But I’m already collection those information, expect an huge bugreport and summary :slight_smile:


I thought after a while I could try and use a programm I paid for, but guess what happend when I wanted to create a file! It crashed. Well it has been the 1.02. Have you fixed the bug in the 1.03? If not, I’ll wait some more time untill there might come up a working version. It seems that nobody has tried to fix the bug so far, because noone responded so far. :cry:

well just installed the 1.03. And it doesn’t work. :confused:

Looks like a potential error with the MS C++ libraries. Have you tried re-installing that? … px?id=5555

no, still does not work.I installed the x64 as well as the x86 version. :confused: Other ideas?

Judging from others who run into this error, it appears these issues are due to one of two issues: either corrupt system files or an incompatible program. Given that many users are successfully running Scrivener on Win 7 x64 (including me on two different machines), my suspicion is the system.

Open up your command prompt as an administrator (Click Start → type “cmd” but do not hit enter → right click on the “cmd.exe” icon that shows up → select “Run as Administrator”). Enter the following command:

sfc /scannow

This command will do a full system check through all of your system files to determine if there are any issues with Windows drivers and such. Let me know what you find.

I’m having the same problem on a Windows 7 machine. I ran the full system check as instructed above but unfortunately I cannot open the log file. There are some corrupted files, apparently.

It has happened to me before (the corrupted files… not the Scrivener issues). It’s always good to have a backup of your Windows 7 machine that you can restore. Alternatively, you can do a system restore to the earliest possible date allowed to see if that alleviates the issue.

Other things to try include re-installing the VC libraries (I provided a link in an earlier post), uninstalling/re-installing Scrivener, or running Scrivener as an Administrator to see if that works.

If all else fails, I would strongly consider a full re-installation of Windows 7 along with a good backup strategy for these instances.

I re-installed the VC libraries.
I re-installed Scrivener.
I tried to run Scrivener as an Administrator.
And I did this scan, but unfortunately nothing changed. :-/

I won’t install my machine again just to make scrivener run and possibly experiencing this again. Then I prefer word.

There might be a problem with corrupted files, but definitely has scrivener caused it somehow. This error occurred one day, when I opened scrivener, then quickly closed it and tried to reopen it.


Hopefully one of the Windows team can help you resolve this issue, but in the meantime I’ve changed your user name to something slightly less offensive. :slight_smile: