S1.01 - UI - minor - split icon not updating

In one instance of splitting the screen, the icon doesn’t update correctly. When you have the double-arrows active so that clicking an index card opens the file in the other half of the split, and you don’t already have the screen split (eg you closed the split but forgot to turn off the double arrows, or you’re just starting a session using this feature and hit the double arrows because you know it’ll split for you automatically) when you click on one of the index cards, the screen splits and loads the file as it should, but the little split icon doesn’t change to the “remove split” undivided box.

When you split the screen via the icon or keyboard shortcuts, the icon updates properly; this seems to only happen when it auto-splits for you.

Also, when you click on it, it closes the split. It just looks wrong, nothing else is wrong about it.