S2: Blockwriter style "fixing"

One of the things that I really liked about Blockwriter was the ability to strike out a portion of text, and then keep typing. At the end, you could scroll through your deletions, and if you approved of them all, you could “Fix text” and all deleted portions would be removed (in theory, there were some bugs with that here and there).

While I was typing up a response on using rich text as meta-data, I realised how nice it would be to have a set of subtraction and addition “highlights” that could be applied to your document. You could specify a sentence as having been added, and strike out another for removal, then go back and review your changes, make sure you like them all, and if it is all grand – hit the “Fix Text” menu item. A warning box could come up asking if you wish to make a snapshot, and then the changes would be committed.

While this would be of use to a single writer, especially those of us with an archival bent, it would be of great use to people working in a collaborative environment. You could use highlights and annotations to accomplish the same sort of editing communication, for sure, but the commit process would be manual labour – especially if a lot of documents were in progress. Additionally, since this system could use simple format conventions to convey the editing intention, it would be a lot more portable too. A person who did not have Scrivener could actually do edit work, which when pasted back into S, would be correctly handled. The Annotation & Highlight method would not be so portable. While it is okay for a script to add the necessary annotation syntax, that would be rather clumsy for a writer or editor to work with manually.

Another thing it would solve is the lack of difference versioning in Snapshots. For those of us that did want to see changes, we could edit using this process and know that our edits are preserved.

I understand you are steadfastly ignoring S2 stuff, and rightly so! I just wanted to put it out for the record; future consideration.

Like you say, I think this is really out of the scope of the current version of Scrivener. But it’s here on the forum, so I can always review it in the future. :slight_smile: