S2 > S3 Seamless Migration

Hi, all and good writing on you!

I am wondering what is the most seamless way to make the change, involving one key project moving to the new version and continuing to use Dropbox, so as to use S3 on Mac and latest iOS version on iPad. I am a bit confused as to whether to create a new folder in Dropbox or not, simply open my S2 project in S3 or generally how best to proceed.

I am not a very technical user of Scrivener and I am not very familiar with formatting conventions, etc. but I am worried about screwing up the migration. Please let me know if the new S3 tutorial or another resource I am missing covers this and I will be glad to follow if so.

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I was asked a similar question privately, so I created the following post to outline what I did when I first got S3 installed. Hopefully, it’ll be adequate to your needs.


Many thanks.

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