S3 Windows Editor / Inspector Panes Reset

Hi, I am not sure this is similar to another post that was posted about HiDPI earlier about the screen scaling; please feel free to close if this is the same.

When using .14 the windows that I arrange in the editor and inspector do not preserve on close. For example, resizing the notes pane in the inspector, then closing S3 and re-opening the same project results in a very small Notes pane. Other times, the binder pane or the inspector pane are resized to be small (and need to be manually resized to be “useful” again.

If there is a setting that I am missing to save the window pane sizes, I’d appreciate someone pointing it out to me. this isn’t a big “deal” bug; just annoying… Thanks.

I am running on a Dell XPS13 with a 4k display. Windows 20H2 Update, fully patched.