[S3]How Can I Delete Preferences Presets?

I occasionally make use of saving preferences as a named preset. (from the Preferences dialog, click “Manage…” and select “Save all Preferences as Preset…”

My question is: How do I get rid of old or obsolete preferences presets? I have a few that I saved from Scrivener 2 as restore points from a crashing problem I was having. They have been moved forward to Scrivener 3 intact, and I sure would like to lose them…

Any help greatly appreciated!

In V3 they’re in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/PreferencePresets and you can just delete them in Finder.

Thanks so much, Brookter! Ah… this seems to be where Scrivener 2 saves its presets as well, since they disappeared from my Scrivener 2 list at the same time! Ok, I’ll have to tag my preset names carefully… :slight_smile: