S3 Replace All for Paragraph Marks in Scrivenings

Using Scrivener 3, searching for two paragraph returns and replacing them with one paragraph return (or vice versa) works on single documents, using either Replace & Find or Replace All.

With multiple documents loaded in scrivenings, Replace & Find works, but Replace All doesn’t—it returns a false “not found”.

Can this be changed in a setting somewhere? S2 does allow Replace All to work across multiple documents. Or am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Project Replace works for this, but impacts on all documents, not just the files loaded in scrivenings.

This looks like a limitation caused by the spacing for the Scrivenings separators. It’s possible to replace double returns with a single if you switch the Scrivenings separator to “Corner” (under Preference > Appearance > Scrivenings), but not the other way. The other separators will work once you’re looking for 3+ returns.

The best way to do this would be to use Project Replace, as you note, and limit the scope to the selected documents (select them all in the binder, rather than just selecting the container as you might be doing for Scrivenings).

I had tried, and have tried again now, using different separators, but without success, even with “Corners” selected. Mmmm.

How I missed the selective scope of Project Replace, I don’t know. But that makes a big difference (and thanks for the Binder selection tip).

Thanks, Jennifer.

To follow up, I am able to do the replace in Scrivenings via Replace & Find; it’s just the Replace All that isn’t able to handle the single and double paragraph replacements in this mode, owing to the method used for the replace, which needs to disallow the action to prevent replacing the Scrivenings separators. So you should be able to work it that way, but the Project Replace option with limited scope is probably preferable for speed unless you don’t have many to replace.

Yes, Replace & Find works well, but is slow on a long project. Project Replace has the speed I need.


Yeah, I see you said that now; I’d misread it the first time and thought you weren’t able to get either working. Clearly it was a case of not enough lattes. :wink: Anyway, glad you’ve got something that works for you now!

I had started a new project with styles and using CMD I for italics. I tried another font for the whole project in an idle moment and then changed it back. Only a few hours later did I realise that the other font didn’t support italics and so all of the italics had been lost. So I am back to using markup as that can’t be destroyed when I doodle with a project. Hence the need to replace all the single paragraph marks with doubles. My mistake. I fiddle at times, even with critical projects.

S3 is a superb development. So many different settings and variables.