S5: Take Snapshots of Selection?

I’m not sure how this is supposed to work, but if I:

  1. highlight a paragraph in a text document in Scrivener
    1a. highlight a paragraph in a text document and choose Edit - Copy

  2. Choose ‘Take Snapshots of selection’

I get a snapshot of the entire text document. Same if I choose ‘Take Snapshot’.

Does ‘Take Snapshots of selection’ do anything different?

Titanium Powerbook G4 + extra screen.

I’m sure someone will give a more complete answer but for now I’ll try and quickly clear up the confusion: in this context “selection” doesn’t mean text selected within a document. It means documents selected in the binder.

Thanks Eiron. This is the sort of thing to which you can find an answer in the Help file in beta 5. From the Help file, Menus > Snaphots Menu: