Safari 4 (beta 2)

Whiz, bang, nice GUI and features that seem to fit well with Leopard but imho, top sites, and search suggestions are the only real useful improvements. Mainly just nice eye candy and whiz bang glam.

Seems a smidgen faster but the top sites is still kinda slow when it first starts. The new tabs is kinda interesting from a GUI perspective. I guess they decided to approach it slightly differently to stand out further in the crowd. Bah, cover flow to me is nice for iTunes or folders with pictures but as a main method of interface to me its a waste. I guess if it was on a handheld device or a device with limited input it would be useful but to me its just 5 minute eye candy that gets boring. Video playback seems a little improved. Haven’t fully tested it on sites that for some insane reason want to only work on IE because some developer was a lazy ass. I do overall like it much better than Fire Foxes new beta but Fire fox does have a real nice selection of extensions and add-ons that add additional abilities or customizable eye candy. If only the Devs of Safari and FIrefox worked together with those of Webkit then I would salivate but eh, I continue to use SF4 or Webkit at times as my preferred method of digital procrastination.

Safari 4 (beta)

Firefox 3.5 (beta)

Webkit (What safari is based on) (Beta-nightly builds)

In the past six months I’ve used Finder’s CoverFlow zero times. I played with it for a while, when Leopard came out; ooo pretty icons and icon Easter Eggs, but that was about it. We moved beyond the Rolodex for a reason. The funny thing is that I’ve never seen CoverFlow used in the once place where it would be extraordinarily useful: ebooks! The biggest complaint I have with eBooks is that you can’t flip through pages rapidly to find a vague spot you recall and want to read over. You have to, with incredible drudgery, click page through page (or jump around blindly using a direct to page feature).

Exactly. To me cover flow is just eye candy that looks cool in iTunes but in the actual finder and GUI? Bah.

As to eBooks, I truly have never read one. I do not really like reading off a monitor. I like old fashioned flattened trees and faded ink. :slight_smile:

Our designers use Coverflow every day.