Safari for iOS issue with L&L knowledgebase web page?

An FYI for L&L. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this (haven’t seen mention of it), but figured I would mention it, as it would be an aggravation if others are experiencing it when attempting to access the knowledgebase web page from an iPhone or iPad.

On both my iPad and iPhone, both before and now that they are upgraded to iOS 9.3.3, L&L’s support knowledgebase web page appears in mobile rather than desktop form but doesn’t work (categories don’t expand into lists). The small triangles to the left of categories rotate to point downward as expected when clicked but the dropdown lists don’t appear. This happens with IOS versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome, but not with iOS versions of iCabMobile and Atomic Web (set to report itself as something other than “Default - Mobile Safari”), on which the page appears in fesktop mode. And, yes, the behaviour continues even after I clear the browsers caches. As I recall, this was happening even before the recent revamping of the website and before beta testing began for Scrivener for iOS. Sorry, I should have reported it earlier. Hopefully it’s just me experiencing this.

P.S. Uninstalling/reinstalling Chrome for iOS and Firefox for iOS did not help.

P.P.S. And just to clear, this began before I ever first installed and began testing Scrivener for iOS on the iPhone and iPad, so, no, Scrivener for iOS is not to blame for this.

I have a slightlybdifferent error. If I go to the support page,

…and tap on Knowledge Base, I end up on an empty page, and it wasn’t until I one thought I’d tap on Full site that anything became visible.


Same for me on mobile devices. It works if you select the full site option in the bottom right corner, but the mobile site is definitely not working for me.

Thanks for the reports everyone! I’ve filed this with the TenderApp people. They recently rolled out some updates to their site and we’ve already helped them find a few bugs like this.