Safari or Firefox

Hi all:

I was wondering if any of you have switched from Safari (default on new Macs) to Firefox.

I have just switched and was wondering if anyone else is not happy with Safari. For one thing, the text can be off just enough to be annoying. Any thoughts?


Having just converted [cold turkey!] from a PC+Word to a Mac+Scrivener, I figure I’ve already got enough adapting to do, so I’m sticking with Firefox,… for the time, at least.

I used Firefox exclusively for 6 months after I switched to Mac - my experiences with Safari 2 was less than stellar.

Then…Safari 3 came out in beta and I was blown away by it - all of the speed and smooth usability of Safari without most of the not-so-great rendering issues of Safari 2. And, tabs were on by default and handled better, more like Firefox.

I use Safari as my primary browser now, but I still have Firefox (and Opera, and Camino, and Shiira, and OmniWeb…I develop websites, so that’s a must. Got IE7 in a VM, too) around. It’s useful for the few sites now that Safari still renders incorrectly. I can’t get over how easily Safari renders really complicated, javascript-heavy websites.

I tend to go back and forth. Safari is not nearly as useful as FF to me without the 3rd party plugins. Unfortunately, they often cause stability issues.
Safari is much nicer looking, renders better (IMO) and is more Mac like (of course) but it will stop loading pages and has strange UI glitches after a few hours of use. Clearing cache doesn’t help. Uninstalling the input managers would likely fix my problems, but removing features presents others.

Ah choices. :slight_smile:

For now I’m back on FF with Safari as my secondary browser. FF3 will likely reign supreme if the UI is better and all of my plugins are ported.

For everyday browsing, Safari is great. But for web development, Firefox is much better.

I like Safari, and I didn’t like Firefox when I still was on PC; I then prefered indeed MS-Internet Explorer. Sometimes I used Opera: When someone tried to keep me with some javascript tricks from copying something from his website…

The main advantage of IE was that it stored saved websites in a reasonable manner. Firefox (besides being sloooow and clumsy) and Opera stored all the files a website consists of side by side, which makes it almost impossible to move the download to another place of your folder structure. IE keeps all secondary files (images etc.) in a dedicated sub-folder. (I don’t know whether this is still the case today.)

Safaris webarchives are, of course, far better than that. So, I am happy with it.

This is, I admit, the viewpoint of a writer who uses his browser mainly for research. Website development is not of big importance for me.

I like OmniWeb… tryed several times to get back to Safari, but I just love the sidetabs and the general behaviour of OmniWeb.

On the other hand, I installed recently Firefox 3beta and love it. I’m using it as my secondary browser now. May even consider it as my main one after being official released.

My usage:

75% - Safari 3
20% - Camino
05% - Firefox

Overall, Safari does just about everything I want, but I like to keep up with FF/Camino development.

I prefer Safari, but have issues using it in a few places.

  1. Javascript is broken on 3 when using a proxy server. Apple doesn’t seem to care and is ignoring the tickets I have opened.

  2. Some sites are just M$ centric. FF on Mac can at least display the sites. I hate doing business with these folks but I have no real choice.

  3. Extension of #2 is the active-x component of one specific site I visit. It simply won’t work on anything other than a windows VM. The admins claim support of OSX/Linux, but they are clearly clueless (I provided them the details on how to fix it, but hey, they know more than I do)

So much for “word wide” web. It seems to me that the only place that discrimination based on profile is really legal is the net. Heck, I can’t join a “white man’s gym” (not saying I would just making a point) but I can refuse to allow diversity on my web site.

I discovered FF while still on Windows, and carried it with me to Mac. Then Safari 3 came out, and I started using it as primary browser, for all the noted reasons. But I’m a writer/researcher; if I were a web developer, I’d have stayed with FF, or looked into others.

I keep Camino and Opera on hand, but seldom use them.


Safari is based on Webkit

The new Safari 3.1 is expected soon.

Download the current webkit beta and take it for a test drive.

For use as internet browser webkit/safari hands down. (Because it is noticeably faster)

but if you use a browser for more than just viewing pages of interest then it is firefox.

I use both for different needs and purposes.

But I really like Webkit (daily updated safari build)

I should note that I can only use FF because of webarchive capture via Yojombo. Otherwise FF’s native capture mode is terrible and pdf printing yields strange formatting atrifacts.


My usage:

Safari: 98%
Firefox: 2%

Have no complaints about Safari, like it in fact, and it’s more integrated Mac OS X-wise. Looking forward to trying out the new version.

Safari makes downloading some flash clips easier. Otherwise, I use Firefox as my default.

I might use Safari more if I could figure a way to display my bookmarks in a column pane to the left of the main browser window. I must be missing something with Safari because I can’t imagine Apple thinks it’s OK to leave the browser window to sift through the bookmarks. I use the drop down menus along the top of the browser window as well as the bookmarks pane down the left side.


Take a look at Saft. It’s a Safari plug-in that adds a customizable sidebar. Saft also adds the ability to reopen pages/tabs that were open when you quit Safari, as well as much more advanced “blocking” capabilities.

Thanks. I took a quick look and Saft may do what I’m looking for. However, I’m reluctant to add plug-ins. Especially for something as basic as a side bar showing bookmarks. Hasn’t that been standard in all browsers up to Safari? I cannot imagine why Apple thought it was a good idea not to include this feature.


I have no reason what-so-ever to want to use Firefox over Safari.

Then again my internet usage consists of this forum, Facebook, occasionally checking DeviantArt (I haven’t been particuarly active since I realised most people on there are pretty pretensious and stuck up) and not a huge deal else!