Safari Reader view

I fear I am about to ask something that I haven’t been able to find …

The new Reader feature on Safari provides a much cleaner page for dragging into Scrivener - can I do it?
Or must I just cut and past the content, then the URL etc …??

Scrivener’s web view doesn’t have a reader view, so no, you can’t drag the reader view of the text into Scrivener - it’s just a viewing feature specific to Safari.

Yes, Reader view like all tools of this nature, they manipulate the web page in real time—they do not actually modify the original web page (otherwise anyone could hack anyone else’s web site), so when you drag a URL to another application, there is no way for it to know that another application on your computer has fiddled with the web page in memory—all it can do is read the data coming from the Internet. When you drag a URL, you aren’t actually dragging the information—all Safari provides to other applications is the Internet address.

What you can do is print as PDF, copy and paste, or use the Scrivener services to select the text and append to your project.

:laughing: but I am used to Scrivener doing everything FOR me … copy/paste that’s for windozy people …

I tried copying the Reader view of stories to some of my note-taking apps.

DevonThink Pro, DevonNote: no problem; just Select All, Copy, and Paste.
Or use the Services: Take Rich Note method

Scrivener: via Select All, Copy, and Paste, the same results.

EverNote: of the two Control-Click methods, PDF does not work.
you only get a good copy via Copy-Paste.
and two window-sliders appear, only one showing the entire copy

The default Reader font size is 18-point; you may want to reduce it.

But you might want to check out the Readability bookmarklet.


Cool. Installed. Using.


Readability is a free Java applet; Apple modified it to create its Reader feature. Reader displays the entire story in one scroll window; Readability shows only one page at a time. You’re really better off downloading the new, free Safari 5. You also have to update Adobe Air and Flash, but they are also free.

Another nice feature of Reader: when you e-mail a story to a friend, the e-mail has a link at the top and the full story, text and images, below. Drag that e-mail into DT Pro, and you see the link and text, but not the images.


Are there any plans (or current features) for Scrivener to use the PDF Services functionality that would allow you (me) to select “Save to Scrivener” from the Preview/Safari Reader print dialogue? It would be awesome if it could automatically add such a pdf into the last-used project (or a non-project-specific scratch pad-like interface as I understand the 2.0 feature to work).

The output of reader is so much nicer than what most web pages look like after being webarchive’d.

Yes, Scrivener 2.0 will install this.

I can’t wait to pay you the upgrade fee for 2.0.


Vic-k wants me to ask if therell be an, [i]IDIOTS GUIDE[/i] to 1.1`s tutorial?
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