Safari-style Find

I like that the project-wide search up in the toolbar highlights all of the instances of a word (except, alas, in PDFs). But the “Find” feature works in the old-fashioned way, which now seems quaint to those of us using the Safari 3 beta (which will be standard in Leopard). Its “Find” highlights every instance of what you’ve typed in the current document, and uses an animation to draw your eye instantly to the currently selected instance (an improvement over Firefox’s otherwise similar “Find”). It also lets you type more of a word without having to hit “Find” again. Oh, and it gives you the number of hits instantly.

I’d love to see this capability in Scrivener. Does the fact that it’s in Safari 3 mean that it’s a part of the Leopard SDK? crosses fingers

Scrivener’s Find will continue to be based on the one built into the OS X text system - I’m not allowed to say how that will look in Leopard. :slight_smile:


Except that, with FireFox you can hit on a search result, if it is a link, and the browser will activate the link. Lightning fast navigation. So while, Safari’s find might look nicer, it is virtually useless for how I use quick-find 80% of the time.

Hopefully, neutering the keyboard does not become a system-wide thing! While it might be “quaint” there is virtue in moving the cursor and actual selection target to the search result.