Safe to Rename the Scrivx file?

I have been renaming them since I first discovered Win version 1.4 or so. They are still doing well and function entirely as they should.


Ah good, that puts it in perspective. I don’t have any reason to use a Mac (do not start, Mac people! :wink: ), so there shouldn’t be a problem.

And Jim, thanks for your word of encouragement too!

This makes sense, and avoiding confusion is always a good thing. However, what is somewhat inconsistent and still potentially confusing (and definitely visually cluttering), is that even though a Windows project’s .scrivx file is generically named project.scrivx , the project’s containing folder is given an extension (which though perfectly legal is relatively rare) and named ActualProjectName.scrivx. Result being the project’s folder bears a fully (if not excessively) qualified name that more ideally should be given to the project’s scrivx file, while the later is given a meaningless generic name.

This is more or less what I’ve been doing, collecting the various shortcuts in one centralized location. But over the 5 months I’ve been using Scrivener, some inconsistencies crept in, where some of my shortcuts went to the project’s containing folder (where I would then have to click project.scrivx), and others went to the project.scrivx file (and launched the project directly without first changing folders.)

It was while trying to iron out those inconsistencies, while doing some reorg of my work folders, that I thought I’d eliminate the generic project.scrivx file names altogether.

Using shortcuts, the generic scrivx name isn’t too great an issue. But I often enough find myself in project folders, and having the full name on the file itself makes it easier to be certain I’m in the intended folder (even though the full folder path is usually visible.)

I renamed mine to ActualProjectName.scrivx a few weeks ago, as a result of the discussion here, and I haven’t had any problems, operating in a strictly Windows environment. Overall, it’s a more comprehensible system for me.