Same comment in many places?

I’m editing a manuscript and I have an issue I need to resolve, which is repeated throughout the manuscript. I’m currently making a new comment for each instance I come across.

My questions: Is there a reason I should not make a new comment (which says the exact same thing)? Or, alternatively, is there a way to refer back to an existing comment, rather than create a new one, each time?

I’m using version 25 Jul 2019 on Win 10 Home 64-bit. (And no matter how much I’m bouncing in my chair, like a kid on Christmas Eve, I’m patiently waiting for v3!)


If these comments are just for you, it seems to me the simplest thing to do is just invent a shorthand/abbreviation for yourself for that particular comment text. No system of referring back to a previous comment could be simpler and faster than that. If you fear you may later forget what the abbreviated form signifies, record it in an addendum to the very first comment that is of that type.


p.s. I don’t know of a way to cross-reference comments.

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