Same features for both systems

The developers probably want this one even more than the users… so it’s unnecessary to even mention it. But out of frustration I do it anyway ; )

The “gap” between the Windows and Mac Version has constantly been the most frustrating issue since I use the program - by far.

Numerous times I googled for help with a problem that I wanted to solve in Scrivener… and ended up in a discussion where someone describes a solution and five posts later it turns out that it does not work because of Mac/Windows Version differences. > back to square one > frustrated.

I totally understand the problems and difficulties behind all that when I look at it from a developers point of view.
But as a Windows Scrivener user I still feel like a second class citizen after so many years.


(Hmm, in fact the image is so tall it is exploding the layout in my browser. Well, right click and view the image in a new tab if it doesn’t work for you. Ha!)

As a Windows user, I don’t feel like a second-class citizen (??? ) / user. I quite enjoy Scrivener and most of its functionality, which I use.
What’s bugging you exactly? No-one’s in a competition to water a urinal.

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Great! I am happy that you enjoy your software.
In case you are really interested what’s bugging me - just read my fist post again. It’s all there.

But what specifically are you trying to do in Windows Scrivener that you are unable to do?

FWIW, the two best sources of information about how to use Scrivener are this site, including the forum, and the manual. I often answer support queries where the person has searched “everywhere” except the manual for what turns out to be a very simple issue. It’s not our fault if Google points you to a blog post that was excellent five years ago but is now completely out of date.

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First – That’s never going to happen.

As long as the developers continue to rely on different platform-specific toolkits to build their products, then their products will continue to have platform-specific differences. To produce the same product, they’d need to use the same toolkit.

But it’s not all Mac > Windows. For example, Mac O/S offers Linguistic Focus, which Mac Scriv leverages, while Windows and the QT framework offer nothing like that. But Mac O/S offers far less flexibility in the ability to tweak UI elements, with the result that Windows Scriv themes are far more flexible than Mac Scriv’s.

Second – With all due respect, I believe you are simply not aware of the work being done on Windows Scriv. See @AmberV’s post above which compares Mac releases on left and Windows releases on right. Clearly the Windows dev has been busy with updates during the last 2 years.

Third – It sounds like you feel you’ve already exhausted finding solutions for the problems you’ve encountered and determined that they’re due to differences in the platforms. Based on your post history, you didn’t do that on these forums. My recommendation is for you to tell us the specific issues you’re having. The people who hang out here are pretty good at finding workarounds.


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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply.
It was not my intention to hurt any ones feelings!

If I run into any problems again I will search for answers in the manual or post in these forums.

Have a good day everyone.

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So, what’s holding Scrivener back from the software being features being the same on both platforms? (Linguistic-Focus, for example) I just upgraded from a much earlier Windows version and though I think it has some nice improvements, I’m still disappointed to find discrepancies between the two. Any ideas as to “if” there are plans to get them in-sync?

Linguistic Focus in particular is part of the Mac OS text kit that Apple provides.

Our goal is to reach feature parity, but there are technical challenges that make some features more difficult to implement than others.

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Thank you for the reply. I had no idea of that Apple feature. I hope a way presents itself in the future, because that does seem like a really useful tool.