same file - some pages blank on different computer

New to Scrivener - not a huge fan so far.
So I save my .scriv file to My Google Drive - same file available on all my computers. I work between a desktop and a laptop. I move to the laptop and open the file I just used on my desktop. Only now several of the pages are blank. I go back to the desktop, open the file the information is there. Back to the laptop - no info/data on these two pages. What gives?


Try transferring the project using some mechanism other than Google Drive, which is known to handle Scrivener’s project format badly.

Whatever service you choose, read this article on best practices to reduce the risk of synchronization errors: … c-services


And if for some reason, you DO need to use Google Drive, you may want to consider an alternative workflow.

  1. Configure both your Scrivener instances to perform automatic backups on save/close, zipped up into a single file, into a directory that is synced by Google Drive. Make sure to increase the number of backups kept – I prefer to seet no limit and manually purge older backups myself. I also prefer to put the date/time stamp in the name so I can easily tell which is the latest version.
  2. On computer 1, open your project and close it. Make sure that a new zipped backup is created.
  3. On computer 2, delete your project. Open up the zipped backup you made in step 2 (now synced by Google Drive) and expand it out to the same place your project was. Open this project. It should be your project, exactly as it was on computer 1.
  4. When you’re done on computer 2, close your project. Make sure that a new zipped backup is created.

Now you repeat steps 3 and 4, alternating between computers. Your workflow now includes closing your project so the current computer can no longer edit it, verifying that your backup was created, and replacing your current project copy with the lastest backup copy. As long as you follow these steps religiously, you can use Google Drive (or any sync engine, really) to share your project between multiple computers.