Same image multiple times fail when compiling ebook

Here’s another one that I already posted in the official bug reporting section four months ago:

if I include multiple images with the same exact content, then only one will be included in the ebook, the rest will show a broken image.

How to reproduce: create an image, let’s call it “a.jpg” and simply copy/paste it in Windows, to create “a (Copy).jpg” or rename it to “b.jpg” it makes no difference. Now include both “a.jpg” and “b.jpg” in the document (two different files, but their content is exactly the same). Compile a kindle ebook. It will give errors that files with extremely strange names are not found. And the end result will be that only the first image is included in the mobi file.

Details in the bug report thread:

By any chance, do you see this same issue with ePub? Scrivener generates the epub format and then, if the target is Kindle, runs the epub through the KindleGen converter.

If the ePub is fine, the next step would be updating KindleGen. The best way to do this is to remove your current version of KindleGen (which is probably the old 32-bit version) and installing the latest Kindle Previewer to get the up-to-date version of KindleGen included with it.

These tests will isolate whether this is a Scrivener bug or KindleGen bug.

Thank you for your response.

I gave it a try with the current release. With RC3, I am no longer able to reproduce this issue. This was either fixed, or something else got changed that had a side effect of fixing this issue as well.

Either way, this report can now be considered fixed in RC3.