same problems with TOC pagination and bullet lists

Today I installed the beta version 17 parallel to my Scrivener 1.9.9 in order to find out, if my old problems are already solved or not.

Two problems occur during compiling my projects to rtf:

[list=]pagination of TOC is incorrect. OId version generates an error. Beta version shows totally wrong page number, even though I generated the TOC in the Beta from cratch[/list]

[list=]bullet lists: as in the old version in Beta the position of the bullet lists is wrong (too far left, outside the left margin of the text)[/list]

The only error that is now corrected since the old version is the numbering (incl. font size) of the footnotes.

This should be in the Beta Testing forum.


sorry, you are right - i will copy my post to the beta forum