Same procedure and question as every year

I wouldn’t be asking this if Scrivener wasn’t so important to my work …
The Apple autumn event is approaching and with it macOs Ventura. Will there be an adaptation for Scrivener and the new macOS or will new functions be integrated into the app, such as the improved dictation function? Is a new version on the way? (I know you don’t talk about it, but I had to ask).


I’m not KB nor a member of L&L nor of the support team but I would have thought that if there is an enhancement to dictation in macOS then Scrivener will inherit it by virtue of running under macOS.

Same answer as every year. Yes, we expect to release a compatibility update around the time of the official MacOS Ventura release. No, we don’t have any comment beyond that.


Fair enough. Thank you for answering anyway. :innocent: