Same Table of Contents, different results for epub and mobi

Let me emphasize: I am using the same ToC, made with Copy Documents as Structured Linked List. My ToC is highly structured, with up to four levels of indentation. Use flat table of contents is not checked.

Compiling to epub, I get a flat ToC, with only the top-level chapters listed. Looking at the epub with Sigil (a great app, btw), that’s all that’s there.

Compiling the sameToC to mobi, I get the full ToC, properly indented, as seen by Kindle Previewer. But when I look at it in, I see only the flat ToC.

I would really like to know what’s going on.
[] Does Scrivener deliberately compile these differently? If so, why?
] Is it possible to have a multilevel ToC on the Kindle?
[*] Can anyone suggest a fix?

Sigh. Never mind.

I just realized, upon looking at my Table of Contents, that is isn’t the one I made and had compiled. Something, I’m not yet sure what, overrode my settings and put things like the title page and dedication page into the ToC.

I love Scrivener, but I do wish it put all the settings relevant to the ToC in one place.

If you’re creating your own ToC, you should uncheck the option to generate an HTML table of contents. It’s in the same place as the “Use flat table of contents” option.

A full discussion of Tables of Contents can be found in Chapter 22 of the manual.

Also, electronic book readers will generate their own “menu” of the contents, based on section breaks in the file. Scrivener has no direct control over this menu.


My experiments give the exact opposite results. If the Generate HTML checkbox is checked, my own ToC gets compiled. If it is not checked, I get a ToC including the title page, etc.

But thanks for pointing out the distinction between electronic book readers and software book readers, which I have been assuming would behave the same way.

My point wasn’t that there’s a difference between ebook readers and software book readers, but that each reader creates its own navigation menu, and Scrivener has only limited control over that menu. See Section 22.2 in the manual for more information about ebook ToCs.