Same text document, multiple folders

As I am world building in my current project I find myself wanting to store the same text in multiple locations for easier reference, is this something that is possible?
Eg. I have a character sheet describing the leader of an organisation, I would like store this text file in a “Characters” folder but also in the folder relating to the relevant organisation, however, if I edit the information in one text I would like text in the other folder to be edited as well.

Thankful for any help!

It’s not possible do this quite the way you’ve stated, essentially alias files in the binder that all point to the same single document, but there are a few ways you could achieve something similar. Within a text document, you can use document links to refer to other items–so for instance if you had a text document about your organization’s structure or members, you could link to the relevant documents detailing those aspects.

Section 10.1 in the manual (“Linking Documents Together”) covers the many ways to create text links to another binder document, but two simple methods are by simply dragging and dropping the document’s icon into the text (or onto selected text, to turn that into a link) or using Scrivener’s “wiki links” method by typing an opening double square bracket “[[”, the document title, then a close double bracket. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl-Esc (Edit > Completions > Complete Document Title) after typing the first word to let Scrivener offer up a list of matching titles so you can easily select the correct one, then type the closing bracket.

You can control where these links open in Preferences > Behavior > Document Links. By default, they will open in the split editor, allowing you to work with both documents side by side; you could change this to opening in a Quick Reference Panel, Copyholder, or in the current editor.

Another reference tool you could use are document bookmarks (§10.3.2), found in the inspector. Drag and drop any document icon to this list to add it to the currently open document’s bookmark list, and select an item in the list to view and edit it in the area below. (You can drag the splitter between editor and inspector to widen the inspector, and drag the splitter below the list to heighten the bookmark editor).

In both cases, you’re loading the actual binder document, not a copy of it, so any changes you make are part of that document. If you were to add a bookmark to the head of your organization and edit the document there in the inspector while you were dealing with the main document on the organization itself, you would see all those changes when later loading the Head Of Organization document in the main editor.

Hey Mimeticmouton!
Thank you for the reply. It’s too bad I can’t have an alias file in the binder but the solution with document links is a great idea. I could use the file group page as a kind of navigation hub with related links and at the same time keep my binder a bit less cluttered. Seems like a great idea, thank you so much.

I’ve been trying out the scrivener trial month and so far it’s been working really great for my messy workflow where I’m constantly jumping between sections. Really enjoying it.

Thank you for such an extensive reply!

Could you clarify what “file group page” refers to?
Thank you

I would be referring to the main document that contains the several subdocuments I want to reference. My terminology in Scrivener is lacking so I don’t know if that explains it.

E.g. if I want to organise a specific element of my world building, let’s say an organisation, I would normally create a folder for that element filling it with all the files concerning that theme. If I have a character sheet that I would like to have both in the “characters” folder and “example organisation” folder it wouldn’t be possible.
Now, I would therefore put the character sheet in the “characters” folder and instead convert the “example organisation” folder into a file and use the resulting empty page to paste a link to the character sheet.