Same version, different computer, problem opening!

Hi all,

Newbie here…

Yesterday I downloaded the trial version (not Gold) to my Mac at work…all good. I saved several backups of a file to my USB over the day. In the evening, I saved another and modified the title so it just had main.scriv, rather than main [13-9 etc…].scriv.

This evening I’ve also downloaded another trial to my home Mac. All the dated backups open fine, but the modified file (which has my day’s work in!) doesn’t open. Now, I do have it still on my work computer so all should be fine, but what has happened here? My home computer is telling me that the modified-title file was created on Scriv Gold and then that it can’t open it. But all the others are fine.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

PS. Have now bought the license for the software! It’s fab ;o)

Have you still got Scrivener Gold on one of your hard drives? Could you have accidentally double-clicked on the file so that it was opened in Scrivener Gold by mistake?

Never fear twisted if all else fails you can click once one the .scriv file and right click (if you have a two button mouse) or (Control+Click for a one button mouse) to pull up the finder contextual menu. Select Show Package Contents and you can retrieve your files in RTF format.

This is of course a last ditch effort and need only be done if everything else Keith suggests fails :slight_smile:

(I love that about scriv)

Thanks for the suggestions…esp. the show package contents!!

In response though, I definitely don’t have an old version of Scrivener - yesterday was the first time I used it.

I’ve tried opening the file at work this morning and the same message :frowning: Could this be because I modified the file name?


Can you tell me the exact message you are receiving?

Sure! Thanks for replying so quickly…

Actually, I’m getting two different messages, apparently alternating at random! One tells me that the .scriv file is read only and that Scrivener cannot open such a file…and the other, as mentioned before, tells me that a) the file I’m trying to open is an older version (even though it cannot be) and b) offers me the option to upgrade the file…which then it tells me won’t work.

Also, I’ve tried the recovery suggested by another user (I’m on something of a deadline with a book chapter, so wanted to get everything ‘safe’ asap) and have managed to get to all my files bar one - of course this is the most important! :frowning: The .rtfd is, apparently, empty…

So, I’ve been trying to think through the logic of this. Seeing as the files all remain open at once and then auto-save, could it be that the fact I use a networked computer (all the normal software is network-shared, but Scrivener is saved to my personal filespace, on the network) be confusing it? I’m not sure how, but I’m wondering if this might cause an instability which might interrupt the saving??

The read-only issue would be caused if Scrivener doesn’t think you have permissions to open the file - that could certainly happen if you are trying to open a file over a network. In that case you could try copying the file to your local hard drive or ensuring you have permissions to open it.

If you have only ever used one version of Scrivener and all your Scrivener files are created using that version, there is no reason why you would be asked to update a file, though… Are you sure you’ve never tried the beta, or haven’t, say, downloaded 1.0 and later 1.03 or something?