'Sample MS' file

Where is this file located? I would like to print it out and put it in a notebook, but I can’t find it on my computer. I tried to export it from my Research folder, but I’m unable to. Does anyone know how I can extract and print JUST the ‘Sample MS’ document (the one written by ‘Andrew Nonymous’) out of the Research folder?

All files in the project binder are contained inside the project’s .scriv folder (under Files\Docs). However, the easiest way to get what you want is just to right-click on the file in the binder and choose “Open>in External Editor” and then print from there. You can also choose “Save As” from the external editor to make a new copy of the file outside of the project if you wish, since currently the “Export” function isn’t working, as you noticed.

That said, the sample manuscripts that show how various templates will compile should be taken with a grain of salt currently, as the templates and thus the sample manuscripts haven’t all been gone over yet to ensure they’re up to speed with the Windows version–mostly they’ve been ported over from the Mac, so the sample manuscripts may contain elements that aren’t available yet in the Windows version.

Thank you! I did the ‘open in external editor’ and I was able to see it in a PDF file! Thank you so much!