Samsung tab 6 compatibiliy!!

So, of course Samsung sells it like it’s a real computer, but can it run Scrivener? Otherwise, we all know it ain’t real!

I started with mac then had a ios version which I hated, I want the real deal. Tested on regular windows and although it ain’t as beautiful as the mac version, it works with the same logic.

Bonus question, do you really feel like the ios version works the same?

Hi Anurakclark,

There is no Android Scrivener at this time, although developing one is apparently on L&L’s long term to do list. I wouldn’t expect it any time soon, and I wouldn’t make any hardware purchases in anticipation of it.

I’ve written 100k+ words on iOS Scriv, so I think it’s a pretty awesome drafting platform. For me, its simplicity is a bonus, not a shortcoming. :slight_smile: