Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

I just launched a Youtube channel where I’ll post short videos of absurd or humourous entries. I’m looking for some ideas and possibly feedback on the videos themselves.

Do you have any favourite entries or know any curiously worded entries that you would like to share?

I’ve only just posted the first few videos, but I have ideas for many more. You can check out the channel at

‘The Road to Damnation’, as most of us are probably aware, is a dangerously obstructed thouroghfare, littered with our best intentions. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of Dr Sam’s invectives on that score, even though justly deserved in my case, when it comes to acquainting myself with his works (all of which I have copies of).

My Kindle informs me that I last paid Dr Sam a visit on Jan 4th 14. Trouble is, he’s just one of the very many, truly fascinating characters from the past, that I have vowed (with the best of intentions[), to become acquainted with.

Good luck with the channel. I’ll bookmark it and keep my eye on it.
Take care

Thanks for the reply vic-k. It’s always nice to meet another Dr. Johnson fan.

I like your notion of becoming acquainted with characters from the past. I’d definitely visit 18th century London if I had the chance.

Perhaps one day AI technology will advance enough to make computer facsimiles of characters like our pal Dr. Sam or other prolific writers with detailed historical records, letters, and the like.

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