Sanity check: Sync macOS to iOS (done) then to external folder Dropbox for Android

Hi All,

Quick question. I created a Scrivener 3 file in macOS, placed directly in Dropbox. This sync (between macOS and iOS) seems smooth.

In addition, I sync to ‘External folder’ (same folder) for accessing the *.rtf files via Android text editor. This also works.

HOWEVER, the iOS app does not detect any changes from Android text editor. It does detect changes from Scrivener on macOS.

Is this just a limitation of the software, or am I setting things up incorrectly?

Ideally, I’d like to edit files directly from Android, then the next time I use macOS or iOS, it syncs in the same exact fashion. Any creative ideas to achieve?

All the best,

iOS Scrivener does not mess with the External Folder Sync at all. That is, your Android changes will ONLY be incorporated into your project when you sync with your Mac or PC.

I actually played with this for a while, using both external folder sync and a thrid-party iOS editor, and iOS sync. I shot myself in the foot. I strongly caution you to NOT edit with Android, then edit with iOS (or vice-versa.) Edit with iOS, sync to mac, edit with Android, sync to mac. Don’t do both before you sync to Mac. Oh, I recovered, but I had to do a lot of hand-merging of changes which syncing is intended to avoid…