Save a scrivening as a single document


I use Scrivener mainly for writing and organizing plots. I want to combine all my notes from one Corkboard and save it as a single document.

The compile feature doesn’t show my notes. It is confusing me since it barely shows any of the documents from the corkboards.

I can merge the corkboard into one Scrivening but there is no “Save As” option anywhere.

Anyone can help?

thank you

Documents -> Merge.

Note that this command permanently affects the file structure, unlike Scrivenings, which just creates a temporary combined view. Make sure to make a backup before reorganizing things on a large scale.

Could you tell us a little more about the problem you’re having with Compile, please? The Compile -> Contents pane will show which documents are included, the Compile -> Formatting pane defines which elements of those documents.


thank you. the problem is solved.

Since this project is a collection of ideas there are quite a few folders. There is a “draft folder” and I didn’t realize that the new folders I created were outside of this draft collection. The compile feature only shows documents inside the draft folder and nothing else, so I moved the other folders inside and everything is fine now.