"Save as" box is black

File this under weird behavior: when I “save as” a current Scrivener doc I get the “Save as” box but it is all blacked out and looks like it is missing some graphics that would normally be filled in. It still saves properly so this is purely a cosmetic bug.

This only began with the latest version of Scriv 2.7 (26106) running the latest El Capitan.

Otherwise no issues. Thanks! Barry T.

Yeah there are a few panels that still have that glitch, so you might see it elsewhere. As you note it is purely cosmetic. Thanks for the report!

Export Files as well. It finally annoyed me enough to come report it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Added to the list.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s an El Capitan problem. Although I experience this with Scrivener I also experience this occassionaly with other programmes too.

Yes, it is a problem that happened with 10.11 in that Apple suddenly dropped support for how these panels have been made in the past. There is a different way to create them now which does work, we just didn’t have enough beta time to catch them all it seems.