SAVE AS causes program to close

I am a previous Windows user, and just purchased Scrivener 3.0 (Version: (1238528) 64-bit - 23 Mar 2021). Running Windows 10 x64.

When I try to do a SAVE AS it displays the SAVE AS screen for 2-3 seconds and then the Scrivener program closes completely,

The same behavior happens when I try to create a new project (when i click Create button it closes program, not allowing me to create/save).

This makes the program useless if I cannot copy an existing project or create a new project! HELP

Hmm, afraid that sounds like a local problem, as many of us have been running stages of Scrivener 3 for months.

Just to be sure, and as I’m running latest x64 Win10, I’ve just tested using Save As on a couple of projects, one of them sizable, plus created a new Novel project. No problems with these.

Windows itself, as always, can cause a lot of such difficulties. Here’s a short litany of first things one would try, in order until hopefully one of them works:

  • have you rebooted the machine? Should be done at least once a day for best results.

  • this shouldn’t be a problem area, but is worth a try. If you’re keeping your Scrivener projects on a network disk system (NAS) or a replicating one (DropBox), try Save As and Create New to the normal hard disk of your PC - on the Desktop will keep the test projects from getting lost. If this step works, you know where the trouble lies, and can get help for that appropriately.

  • to assure you have a good install, do a full remove of Scrivener via Start Menu | Settings | Apps. After that, delete its folder C:\Program Files\Scrivener 3, just to be sure all is gone. Then reinstall Scrivener 3 as you did.

  • have you taken Windows Updates recently? Do this from Start Men | Settings | Update and Security.

  • as a second step for updates, you may want to try something further from Update and Security. If there are Optional updates listed on that top page, they should be safe, and are intended do fix ‘minor’ problems Microsoft has noticed (some are not so minor).

  • This last is quite cautionary. You will probably also find a link on Update and Security named View all optional updates, and might find more to run. But. Be very careful here not to run any listed under Driver updates, as these have been a well-known way to invite problems.

  • anything further, you will likely need your very trustworthy PC person

Best fortune, and once it has a good install home, Scrivener should be very reliable for you, as is its history.

I am having similar issues – upgraded for V 3 yesterday … Today,. can’t save. I did the ‘save as’ in a folder not associated with one drive or dropbox – same issue

To be more specific - when I try to open my project file, it says the file is not readable. “The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid”. All other files and folders are good to go, just thse scrivx file.

When I get the file recovered and try to “Save as” to a new folder, I get a "Could not save project… Scrivener does not allo saving to a project’s .scriv folder’ –

Not a true condition – the folder is a vanilla windows folder…

Thanks to narrsd for the suggestions. Solved the issue!

Had already rebooted, always keep up to date with Windows updates, so neither of these was the problem. When I did a full remove of the Scrivener 3 program via Windows via Start Menu | Settings | Apps I noticed that the old version of Scrivener was still there as well, so I uninstalled both versions. I deleted the
folder C:\Program Files\Scrivener 3 and restarted Windows to be sure. I then downloaded and reinstalled Scrivener 3.

This appears to have fixed the problem - Yeah! Maybe the Scrivener techs can check the uninstall they do when you buy the new version - maybe something is missed?

Thanks again narrsd!

Most welcome, 'rokr , glad that path got you there.

It turns out I had a similar hunt a day or two later, getting rid of a Scrivener starting in wrong folder warning.

It wasn’t, but I uncovered a lot of leftover pieces from various kinds of test installs much earlier, and a similar vacuuming of rooms gave the good result.

Windows is the real culprit, of course, but we learn over years that no matter what we may know, software itself is often, shall we say, just a bit short of perfect…!

Jim, this I think is something quite different. I’m not a Windows grue, but ‘reparse point buffer’ refers to something in the Windows system itself going wrong. And as you’ve said, it’s this just the one specific project having both issues.

Windows can go wrong in many ways, especially over the years. It’s better now, but still a daily reboot at the least is the sensible practice. If the time to do it is tedious, then getting an SSD for disk should solve that, and not expensive now.

I think I would do two things. Make a fresh Bug Hunt post, so your problem gets its attention. And then, be prepared to send the zipped-up project folder to Support. They can tell you how if you ask, in a simple way that assures no one else will see it.

They may be able to untangle your project, and may also be able to learn something to be put in the Scrivener code which could check and deal with whatever’s gone wrong, if Microsoft makes that possible.

If this doesn’t return you to normal, you can still recover all you’ve written, by making a fresh project, then opening each of the rtf files in the broken project with Word, LibreOffice, or Google Docs etc., copying your text into a fresh document created in the new project.

This might only fail if whatever’s corrupted in the present project is one of those rtf files, but then you wouldn’t be able to see it when you open right now with Scrivener, so sounds you’d come out fully all right.

Put this front of Support, though, because I think they’d be well interested. And, good fortune of course…

I am submitting this directly to Support - I would delete this post thread if I knew how - but cannot find any way to do that.