"Save As" has frozen twice since latest update

I have had the Save As function freeze twice since the last update. Program stops responding, have to close whole thing. It leaves a new set of files with the attempted name but some of them seem to be x versions old.

I edit to a local drive, then save as. Keep the new file set and xfer the previous to a cloud sync folder. Backups go directly into a cloud sync folder. I have had problems in the past editing directly into a cloud sync folder so I don’t do that anymore.

It sounds to me, based on what you are describing doing as part of your procedure, that you might have better results using the File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To... menu command, instead of Save As. The main differences between these two are:

  • You stay in the original project after using the command. So it’s great if you just want to make a copy somewhere else to store your current progress in a static way. There is a secondary effect of it working this way, since you don’t load into the new copy it doesn’t clutter your Recent Projects menu. That should only list your working copy. Confusion over which copy is actually the working copy is a very common cause for “some files being very old”, because one loads an old version on accident, doesn’t notice and ends up with a patchwork of new and old stuff scattered across multiple copies of the project.
  • It has a zip compression checkbox, which you may or may not want to use in this scenario. A zipped project is protected from accidental editing in Scrivener, and is generally safer to copy around, particularly over cloud connections where you’re just copying one file instead of potentially many hundreds.

That doesn’t explain why you are getting a freeze of course, that shouldn’t be happening. We do not have any reports of this thus far, and that it doesn’t always happen is going to make it hard to debug. What I would recommend is turning on the logging window for a while, which you’ll find in the General: Warnings settings tab (after a restart). This may help you identify where it is getting stuck.

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