"Save as" new document shows a 0 word count

When I do “Save As” to create a duplicate document for editing the new document always has the project target at 0 of 100,000 words. When I add words they appear on that days word count but still do not add to the total for the document.

When you do “Save as”, you save a different version of your entire Project, not only one document.

When you set a Target for a document, that Target won’t change until you do that manually. A Target can be set in the Template for that new Document.

To see the words typed in a new Document, check the Word Count in the footer of the Editor, the pop-up if you click that, or the Project> Statistics menu item. That is called Word Count instead of Target.
Make sure the document is inside the Draft / Manuscript folder and all settings are correct to show the correct word count for your document.

Hope this Helps