save as PDF to Scrivener option?

Hi. Can anyone explain to me exactly how the “save as PDF to Scrivener” option works?
I am running the latest version on Lion.
I have read and reread the 11.4 paragraph on page 120 of the manual and can’t understand it.
I am working on a script with a friend. She sent me an email that I would like to add to the script research folder. I am using the Script format.
I go to the email, choose “print”, then choose PDF>save PDF to Scrivener
I have the project open and have created a folder called “from Ann” that I have selected. That is what I understand to do from the manual.
I would think that the “save PDF to Scrivener” would ask me where to save it but no.
I can’t for the life of me see where it saves it to.
In the end, I just did a copy/paste which worked but I would like to understand how the option in Scrivener works.

Thanks for any help with this.

If it’s not working at all (try in a new blank project to keep things super basic and eliminate any external circumstances), then maybe the PDF alias is broken. That happens sometimes when you update. Just delete the one in your ~/Library/PDF Services folder, and then create a new alias to the Scrivener application and drop it in there, renaming it to “Save PDF to Scrivener”. On Lion you need to hold down the Option key on the “Go” menu in Finder to even see the Library folder.

That worked perfectly. (After I finally figured out all the stuff about making an alias. Never understood what that was about and still don’t).

Thanks for your time and advice.

An alias is just a shortcut, or a link, to something. It’s not the actual thing, but a way of representing that thing in another place. You could make an alias to Scrivener on your desktop, for example, and double-click it to load the program rather than storing the icon in your Dock. You can even drag .scriv projects onto that alias icon to load them. They are pretty handy, and they are just what OS X uses for this PDF menu. They can get broken if the original file is removed.