Save As Template Not Working?

Hi everyone,

New round these parts as I only downloaded Scrivener yesterday. Having said that this is probably due to something I’ve done/not done but I’m not able to save a project as a template. When I do the window closes OK but nothing appears either in the new project templates or in the %User%\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\ProjectTemplates folder either. :open_mouth:
As a fudge I’ve saved it as a generic project which I open and rename.

I’ve had a search on the forum and someone else has recently had the same problem on Windows so may possibly be a bug rather than my Dyslexic fingers.

Any assistance/advice most welcome

If you start with a new blank project and try to save that as a template, does it work? I’m not able to reproduce this, and even in the other case I’ve seen on this, the problem was the template not displaying immediately in the browser; it still was saved within the AppData folder. I’m wondering if there’s something particular in the project you’re working with which is preventing it saving correctly.

If that doesn’t work, try opening View > Layout > Manage Layouts and click the “+” button there to save the current layout. These also save into the AppData folder, so once you’ve done this, check if the C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\Layouts folder exists with the new layout file within it.

Creating the blank project and saving it as a template - Worked.
Tried your second suggestion on the project that will not save - Worked.

Looking like the projects the problem. Not sure why all I’ve done (as I’ve not had scrivener very long and I’m still learning it) was to create a project with the COMIC TEMPLATE.
Then opened another copy of scrivener and created a project using Caroline Norrington’s NOVEL OUTLINER TEMPLATE.
Then dragged parts from the OUTLINER to the COMIC Project.
Did some editing and tried to save as a template.

Something I should mention. When I installed the OUTLINER it had been saved as a .SCRIVX project not as a template and scrivener displayed a message about converting (I think). To which I answered yes. That’s the only unusual, with my little experience, thing that’s happened.

The .scrivx file is the binder file that keeps track of all the files in the project, but it alone isn’t a complete Scrivener project; it needs to be kept with all the other folders and files within the .scriv folder. Template files use the .scrivtemplate format. I can’t think of any compatibility or conversion message you would’ve gotten–any message at all, really–from trying to open just a .scrivx file out of context. All the documents would have been empty, though.

I can’t see how that would have affected anything with your main project, though. Have you imported any large files or unsupported file types? Something like that might be throwing an error during the process. If you’re willing to send a zipped copy of the project to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, we can test with it a bit to figure out what’s preventing saving it as a template.