Save as Template Troubles

I am having an issue with my templates, both ones I have created, and sometimes those I’ve downloaded, in that when I start a new project from said template, the files are blank. All the folders and text files are there, but they are all empty. Even the document notes are gone.

It only happens occasionally, though. In fact, I just re-saved a template and created a new project from it and all the info was there. (A little annoying since I had to get rid of the story specific info. Don’t worry I saved it as a different file first)

It has happened on templates I have downloaded as well but I figured that was just a mac vs windows thing. Though now that I think about it, I have specifically downloaded windows versions of a template only to have all the content disappear. Re-download and sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t.

Anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me?

Using the latest version of Scrivener of Windows on a Windows 10 laptop.

EDIT: Random little thing. The folder icons for synopsis and content don’t show up until I click on the folder/text file in the binder, then the icon changes. Not terribly important but it has freaked me out a couple times.

A few other users have reported this happening, but we haven’t yet been able to pin down why it’s happening. Part of the problem is that it’s not consistent, and it’s not something we’ve be able to reproduce in-house.

When you next see this problem, where a new project from a template opens with all the files empty, could you please take a look at the project’s .scriv folder and see what it contains? There should be a Files folder, containing a Docs folder that would have the binder documents saved as individual files, but I’m guessing that the template isn’t unpacking properly and so these files aren’t being created. It may be though that they are created but not in the correct locations–for instance there may be another folder between the .scriv folder and the Files folder.

If you’re willing, you could also send a zipped copy of the blank project (just right-click the .scriv and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”) and the .scrivtemplate file used to create it. Since this happens even with default templates and doesn’t always happen, I think there’s probably nothing wrong with the .scrivtemplate file, but it would be good to check.

Do you have any zip programs installed, like WinZip or WinRAR? It’s unlikely, but maybe something like that is affecting how the template is extracted. Or do you have any security software that’s constantly monitoring files?

Icons being out of date and filling in as you load items suggests that the search index for the project is out of sync. Selecting Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes for the project may correct it.

I am having the same issue. Generally, after I create (save) the template, the FIRST project I create with it is populated with the correct layout and information. Any project I try to create after that (project 2, 3, 4, and so on) are populated with blank documents. The layout remains intact and the binder has the folders/documents it should, but they are all blank.

I will send a zip file when it happens again.


So, I’m kind of having the same problem in 2021. All the files in the folder with the new project created from the template are 0kb.