"save as"?

wishlist: option to “save as” a different filename? I know i can take a snapshot, but thats not quite the same thing, it seems to me… isnt ‘save as’ a fairly standard menu option?

There are two options that provide the same functionality:
From within Scrivener, choose “Backup To…”, select a new location, and choose not to compress it as a zip file.

Or in Finder, make a copy of the project and shift it/rename it as you want.

They will both have the same result as a “save as”.

if you go the finder route you may want to close the project first to avoid any collision with auto-save.

thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I want to say though, as a newbie to scrivener, I am a bit baffled that its not merely a menu entry :wink: I guess there is a very strong ‘no new features’ mood here. Thats cool, though I guess i’m one of those who sometimes thinks that excessive simplicity can be as disruptive to a smooth UI as excessive features :wink:

NO, not a “no new features” thing as much as a “here is a way to do it now” mood.

Another thought as to why the “save as” menu may not be a great idea is that scriv uses packages, not documents for on disk storage. This “could” get messy. there is also the problem of “which one do you want me to use now” that must be dealt with after a successful “save as”.

So, yes, the menu is missing, Yes, you can do it in and out side of scriv. Yes, new feature ideas are welcome. No, they are not always easy. Yes, I do argue with myself and lose.

Hi jake,
I just want to reiterate what Jaysen said about new features… This is a wishlist forum after all, and there is no problem with what you are asking for.

The decision about whether to include various suggestions is made by Keith, the developer. But you will often find other users giving you suggestions for how you can achieve the same thing now - just so that you can get what you want out of Scrivener without waiting for a potential update (which may or may not contain your suggestion).

Thanks for the deets guys.

“Save As” is coming with 2.0. I understand that it may seem a little odd it’s not there in 1.x, but it’s down to the way Scrivener saes files as file packages (a .scriv file being a folder full of files). Normally, things such as “Save As” are handled by the OS automatically for developers, but in general it expects a program to save all of its data every time it saves; it holds the data in memory and when the user chooses “Save As” the OS can just re-save that data elsewhere. But because Scrivener files hold many individual files, and because the files can be big so I chose not to have them all in memory at any one time and all overwritten at every save (which could surely be dangerous for such a format), the “Save As” thing isn’t as simple, so the OS can’t handle it automatically. Obviously it requires the project being copied to a different location (which is what Backup To does) but it also requires the open project to now consider the new location as the save location; it was this that threw me for a while. I’ve now found a way of sorting all of that out for 2.0.

All the best,

I’ve been wanting save-as for so long, and so badly, that I finally registered here just so that I could post about it. Presumably I am not the only writer who sits down to write a short story and doesn’t know the title (or even the content) before he starts typing. The result is that I have a million Scrivener projects called “Dunno__030410” or something of the kind.

I know you say it’s coming in 2.0, but I just wanted to add my voice. Don’t forget this feature, please!

It’s already done, so it’s definitely in 2.0. In the meantime, you can always close the project and rename in the Finder, of course.

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