Save/Backup on switching docs?

Hi there! I’m having a problem with my scrivener (Macbook, Catalina) - it doesn’t happen every time but enough times to be frustrating :imp:

Basically if I’m working on a particular document, and I switch to a different document in the same binder (for instance, I keep little bits and bobs that I need to edit or reformat a little in a separate doc so I can do it without messing up the main doc, or sometimes keep figures and so on in a separate doc that I can check for info), the app goes into a full save and backup.

I’m also having the issue that saves/backups take AGES - so this means if I go to the “notes” doc to check or alter something, I have to wait several minutes while the app saves and backs up.

I’m glad my work is being saved, but it’s really annoying when all I want to do is keep writing! Weirdly, it usually doesn’t happen when I switch from my main writing doc to the notes doc, but does happen when I switch back. So, going by the screenshot attached, if I switch from “HKD Look & See” to “Throwaway doc” it’s fine, but when I switch back again, I get the full save/backup process and have to sit here twiddling my thumbs…

I’ve checked my save settings (see screenshots) and they don’t seem to relate to this.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 10.05.33.png

Can anyone explain?

What options do you have in the Backup pane of Scrivener’s Preferences?

You might make the autosave interval a little longer. That’s not the reason for the anomalous backup, but it might be making the save operation more obtrusive.


Are your sub-documents (HDK and Throwaway…) very big?

Thanks for the replies.

Kewms, this is my backup pane:

Lunk: i have no idea what size they are in terms of bytes, but in word count terms, the first one is 6,672 words and the other is 38 (it really is a throwaway doc!) - I do tend to find it happens when I revert to the big docs but not the small ones…

If you uncheck the “backup with manual save” command, does that fix the problem?


It doesn’t - and I think this may actually be an issue of me mischaracterizing things (accidentally!)

Basically when I hit save (or in some cases as noted above, when I click from one doc in the binder to another) I get the rainbow wheel of death for quite a long time. THEN the backup starts and that is pretty fast, it’s on the screen for a few seconds and then all goes back to normal.

So this was my mistake in description but it’s still a problem - on save, my app is going unresponsive, rainbow wheelie, and hanging for a while, before embarking on the backup which is actually running fine.

Well, part of my confusion is that I’m not sure why the backup is running at all.

Back in the first screenshot you posted, the “Saving” pane in Preferences, please uncheck the box to take snapshots on manual save.

Also, you might consider splitting that 6600 word document into smaller chunks.

My hypothesis is that the time delay you’re seeing is actually the snapshot being taken, not “saving” as such, and part of the reason why it’s taking so long is that the document being snapshotted is relatively large.


Ah, ok, that makes sense. I might try breaking the doc into its sections.

Breaking it up definitely helped, thanks! I’m still finding some of my sections seem too long for it to handle but at least I’m sitting around waiting less :slight_smile: