"Save" dialogues when auto-syncing

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just me being very confused.

When I have a project set to sync with an external folder and to automatically sync on close, every time I close the project (being sure that autosave isn’t running), after it runs the sync, I get a series of somewhat disconcerting dialogue boxes:unsaved changes.png
This comes up first. If you hit “don’t save,” the project closes; cancel naturally cancels the whole close process. If you hit save, you then get this:changes from another app.png
I don’t know what to make of that. Nothing’s touched my files, to my knowledge–I dumped them into a folder on my desktop, and those are just copies anyway, not the internal Scrivener files. And in combination with the first message, it seems to think changes have occurred in the actual project file, presumably unrelated to the external sync folder. But this is a message I only get when I have that external sync set to automatically run on close (and with an actual folder to sync to).

If you hit “Don’t Save” it takes you back into the project, where you have to hit close again to get out (but this time you don’t get any warning messages); if you save, it saves (presumably) and closes, but I have no idea what it’s saving. Reopening the project, everything seems the same as before. This message comes up no matter whether you actually do anything in the project or not–you can open and then close it again without touching anything, and it will run the sync and bring up this dialogue.

So…what’s it doing?

That looks like the standard OS X save panel, which Scrivener does work to prevent ever appearing - so, er, you shouldn’t be seeing it.

I can’t reproduce this, though - after external sync, my project closes and I never see this. Could you please start a new project and see if you can find the step-by-step instructions to reproduce this?


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