Save error on V3 for Windows keeps popping up

I decided to install the trial version to see if Scrivener would be a good fit for me. I started with the tutorial. After every couple of clicks, this annoying error message would pop up (see screenshot). I read somewhere that for windows, one must go into Windows Explorer, click on the properties, and uncheck the “read-only” field. I’ve done this several times, but the message continues to pop up.

This is not the forum to post this in and cross-posting is deprecated. Try whitelisting Scrivener in your antivirus program.

Just to help you understand, something is stopping your (Access denied in error message) from saving the file in your own (globa) documents subfolder. So, the question is, what in your system is denying you from saving your stuff in your folder? The most common cause is a cheap (usually free) anti-virus program which costs too much.