Save files as doc title


EDIT: I should note that I am using the Windows version of Scrivener.

I am trying to set up my project(s) so that I can do some work on a tablet. Unfortunately it looks like all of my files are saved as 1,2,3,4, etc.; numbers rather than their document title. This makes it very hard to determine what file to edit.

Is there some way to change or fix this? I have looked through the settings and found nothing, and can’t find any mappings either.


One example for clarity. In the program I have a scene called “getting ready”. It is saved as “3.rtf” and the notes as “3_notes.rtf”. I would rather this said whatever I have titled it in the program.

Thanks all!

The File/Export/Files... feature is intended for this sort of workflow. You’d export the pieces to your device that you want to work on, and then either import them and replace, or copy and paste when you get back. The internal project format is not intended to be available for direct editing. There are components of the project and the files themselves that could get out of sync if you edit them outside of Scrivener. Search indexes would get out of date, link ranges (such as used for comments and footnotes) would get skewed off of their original text, and you may even lose data in some RTF editors. We really only recommend accessing these files directly as a last-ditch recovery option.

Thank you for the quick response! That helps. So export pieces, work on them, import back in…

Definitely looking forward to the iPad version! :wink: But this will help in the meantime. Many thanks! Time to give it a try…

Yeah, I know, it’s a bit 2003, but it works and you get recognisable titles to work with. :slight_smile: The iOS version is the main reason we haven’t thrown a lot of time into making this easier. We will be making it easier, because not everyone has an iOS device, and our designed feature for automatically syncing external files back into the project is broadly useful for collaboration and other use cases too.