Save folder/project

Apologies for this basic query… but I have been having trouble for some time finding all the different parts of a Project when I come back to Scrivener after a break. Now I have a new MacBook I want to try and tidy up my document folder structure. When I save a new Scrivener file/folder, can I keep everything in one Document Folder on my MacBook? At the moment… I have to search through my whole Document folder to find all my Scrivener content. But that is very time consuming and hit and miss if I overlook a document with a Scrivener icon. I can’t remember off the top of my head how many Projects I have created and all the documents within a Project. I want to see them all in one place so I can see what content I have.
If I go to to ‘Recent Projects’ or ‘Favourites’ I get a greyed out ‘clear menu’ option.

If you’re having trouble with other kinds of files, then I’d say moving all your Scrivener (and other) files into the Documents folder can work, so long as you don’t have too many unrelated things jumbled all together.

My solution to finding all my Scrivener projects was to use the Finder’s search field to look for “.scriv” files, and then save it to the sidebar. To do that yourself:

In the search oval of the Finder, type this:

You should end up with a new bar above the list of results, including where to search (usually “This Mac” and the folder you started from… click on “This Mac”). You should quickly see a list of all your Scrivener projects. If so, then click the “save” button to the right (see example image below), and name it something like “Scriv Projects”.

From then on, you’ll be able to click on that sidebar search and see all of your projects listed there. To find where on the drive they “live”, you should be able to right-click on one select an option to view it in the enclosing folder. This is valuable information, especially if you discover you put a project in a place that doesn’t make sense to you.


All of the above is great to know, as general file management tips on a Mac. For a little convenience in Scrivener, you can use the File ▸ Find All Projects in Spotlight menu command.