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I signed up for this forum just to give my two cents about a feature that really bugs me. I love scrivener but I’m not really a message board kind of person so I want you to know exactly how important this feature is to me.

I love that Scrivener auto-saves, and does backups and all that and I think this is a very important feature, but I also like being able to see when I save myself. I get great satisfaction out of hitting ctrl-s after untangling a particularly complicated piece of work and when I do this in Scrivener there is no graphic associated with this. All I need is a something simple. Microsoft Word has a loading bar at the bottom, but even a fleeting word at the bottom of the window with the word “saved” would do it for me.

I understand that one of Scriveners pride and joys is actually this hands-free no-mess auto-saving routine, and I do appreciate this, but if you could just throw in a line of code so that the document showing that it has saved when I click save, I would really appreciate it!


(if anyone agrees, feel free to comment)

-misha :slight_smile:

There is a little bit of feedback - when a document is unsaved, there’s an * at the end of the name up in the title bar. So when you hit Ctrl+S the * goes away. It’s easy to miss though, especially given the 2 second autosave.

For my part though, I find I never need to manually save in scriv. By the time I think “Yeah, I should probably save that”, Scrivener has already done it.

So, if I understand the request correctly, you want Scrivener to indicate that it is still doing work that it is no longer doing? I guess it is only a split second in human time, but this thing is already hundreds of millions of cycles past the save point by the time you’re expecting a progress bar. It’s bored of that scene, can you blame it for just silently going about its business? :wink:

If you change your Backup options to create a backup on manual save (CTRL-S), then there’s usually a bit of a progress bar that appears as it creates that copy and compresses it. That makes for a useful milestone backup too, though I prefer to use the Back Up To toolbar button instead; That way I can name the backup for the milestone I’ve just reached (“1st draft finished”, “2nd draft edited”, etc…)

pops in to see what people think

I’ll have to watch for the little *. Maybe that can at least put my mind to rest for now. And I didn’t mean I wanted a whole loading bar, I know the program is smarter than that. I just mean like a tiny popup saying that I have saved when I manually save - no progress bar (that was just an example), I know saving is pretty instantaneous, just an indication when I manually save. I like and will try the backup idea too, but when I exit and it creates a back-up it usually takes a few seconds and that’s not what I mean. I just want a little visual gratification when I save manually. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.

slinks back off into the nether