save *hierarchical* bullet/numbering list format presets

Is there any way to set up and save a multi-level (hierarchical) list formatting preset?

No matter what I do, I can only seem to create a preset that remembers the first-level formatting. All subsequent levels default back to a simple dash as the preceding line marker.

I wondered whether this isn’t possible because format presets in Scrivener don’t work as stylesheets. But then within an editor, a multi-level bulleted list kinda remembers its formatting at different levels as you build it out. (Strangely, ruler-based adjustments aren’t all remembered, and sometimes typeface reverts to default Helvetica.)

Would be great to find a way to save that multi-level list formatting in its entirety as a preset.

Thoughts? Thanks!
Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.38.45 AM.jpg

Unfortunately this isn’t possible, the system that saves formatting settings only saves the current bullet line you capture from, not the entire list format. We did look into it a while back, but lists in general are pretty difficult to work with in the text engine given how it handles everything about them without any control from the programming side.