"save pdf to scrivener" from safari

I did a search on the forum regarding this, but I don’t think the terminology I use is the same as everyone else… sigh… I never fit in with the ‘cool’ kids, they quote the Simpsons and everything… from memory! :slight_smile:

The Problem:
When I try to save a web page from safari - sometimes I prefer to do so as a .pdf to preserve formatting of a specific item (or according to my own whimsy). I have done this quite a lot with Yojimbo and the path seems to work just fine.

I then realised that Safari now has the same option available for Scrivener (well it was probably there before, but I might not have noticed… eagle four eyes… ahem)

The problem is that every time I go the route: Command-P, Click PDF drop down button, Click Save PDF to Scrivener it comes up with the attached error.

Am I missing something? Is there perhaps a step or some info that I am not adhering to?

Many thanks!

Try quitting Scrivener and deleting the “Save PDF to Scrivener” alias from the ~/Library/PDF Services folder, then relaunch Scrivener. See if that helps.

All the best,

You hit the nail on the proverbial :slight_smile:

Thank you very much - now I can be a dirty hoarder of all the research I like… tsk tsk.

Glad that helped! Not sure how the original got corrupted, but one other user had that issue. Very strange.
All the best,

I had the same problem and was about to post when I saw that Finnigan had beaten me to it. Thanks, Keith, your answer worked for me, too. It still amazes me how much I can learn by strolling the halls of the Forum.

:smiley: I had the same problem this morning and your suggested solution worked beautifully. I was a bit frustrated until I thought to come to these forums. Thanks for the clear and focused support. Now I too can continue my compulsive collection behavior. Love Scrivener more than just about anything in my computer world.