Save/Recall Various Outline Views

Is there a way to SAVE and RECALL multiple outline views?

For example, with certain content I may want to see:

Scene # | Plot/Subplot | POV | Scene Location

in the outline. We’ll call that Outline View A.

With other content, what I want to see is:

Scene # | Title and Synopsis | Word Count

… or whatever. We’ll call that Outline View B.

Is there any way to save and recall these two different views, instead of having to go through the process of checking boxes and rearranging columns every time to change the format of the outline view?

Thanks in advance is any direction on this.


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I think you’re looking for Manage Layouts.

See this thread for more details: [url]]


Layouts are a bit heavy for this in that they switch out the view of the whole window, although they can certainly be used for this (they do remember Outliner column setups). I have it on my list to add something like this for the future - the ability to save sets of outliner columns - although there is no ETA on this.

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I was afraid this might be the case, but certainly understand. Mark me as being very much in favor of this future development.